Mixed Colours Flat Back Round Taiwan Acrylic Rhinestones Embellishment Gems


MajorCrafts Flat back Acrylic Rhinestones are ideal for decorating many items including mobile phone cases, shoes, clothes and can also be used to make jewellery and greeting cards etc.

These rhinestones are non-hotfix and they're not self-adhesive, therefore, you will need glue to affix them.

These are extra thick, shiny and 8 facets cut rhinestones made from Taiwan acrylic which differs from the thin & dull Chinese acrylic versions.

Please note that acrylic rhinestones differ from resin rhinestones as acrylic rhinestones have 8 facets despite the size of the gem and resin rhinestones have 10 to 14 facets depending on the size.

Please view our outlet for more colours, shapes and sizes.

Material: Taiwan Acrylic
Colour: Randomly Mixed Colours
Shape: Round
Condition: Brand New
Quantity: All quantities advertised are approximate
Brand: MajorCrafts


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